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Lunar Club

The Lunar Club is our women’s collective seeking to provide meaningful connection by engaging in conversations about mind, body, and spirit within the context of the new economy and the future of work. We host digital and live events monthly on the full moon to embrace the power of the feminine through storytelling and mindfulness.

Sun Club

The Sun Club is a collective community dedicated to exploring conscious masculinity within the context of the new economy and the future of work. It is a space for all genders to heal from symptoms of toxic patriarchy. We host digital and live events quarterly on the sun cycle to celebrate the power of the vulnerability through storytelling and mindfulness.

HeARTwork | Advancing the Inclusive Economy: Empowering Women in the Workforce to Lead

The program is a 3-year national project starting in fall 2021. It aims to provide new data and research to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional, social, and economic barriers that women face within Corporate Canada, that prevent them from pursuing leadership and C-suite roles. We will be partnering with 10 Corporate Champions and 5 Community Led Organizations to lead this project, with the goal of systemic change.



Art on Bay: Make Money Green Again

In partnership with The School for Climate, this project seeks to engage local artists, climate activists, business leaders, and youth to inspire action towards climate change and create dialogue around climate finance solutions through a series of public murals on Bay Street and a corresponding experiential learning series.

Climate Change Solutions Park

Conscious Economics is proud to be a founding partner of the Climate Change Solutions Park (CSP), designed to be a global leader in showcasing climate change solutions in partnership with York University and The Rural Urban Learning Association. This digital and physical park provides an inspirational location for experiential learning, networking and innovation opportunities. We want our Climate Change Solutions Park to be a leader in cutting-edge research. The CSP will have art, inspirational displays and new learning-by-doing training opportunities carefully curated to showcase how to solve the climate emergency.



Mindfulness & Money

A digital learning program that combines mindfulness, mental health, and personal well-being tools to enhance financial literacy skills and economic awareness. This program prepares people for the future of work and the new economy. Aside from the digital self-paced modules, we also host experiential learning events, inviting young leaders to put this work into practice.

Economic Healing Sessions

Economic healing is financial therapy. We’ve created a monthly sacred space for economic healing. In our sessions, we empower our members to abandon the scarcity mindset and re-claim their abundance.

These sessions are run by our CEO and Financial Therapist Aseel. Through our proprietary framework, participants will get the opportunity to examine and heal their relationship with money gaining tools and resources along the way.



Artists For The New Economy

Each year, Conscious Economics supports 12 talented social change artists to make content for the new economy and build an economic framework for their work. Artists work with our production team to release creative and profitable products that support them in building systemic change and personal wealth. This program contributes to our annual community investment goals through our social enterprise.


On a bi-monthly basis, we curate hands-on workshops to help the emerging artist community in Canada gain the skills they need to channel their inner entrepreneur and build thriving businesses. Artists pick and choose from a variety of topics as per their need. These workshops are designed and led for the community by the community.


A performing arts program presented by Queer Collective + Conscious Economics, centered around getting LGBTQ2S+ artists performing, connecting, growing, and paid. This special program runs annually in June, during Pride month.

Lunar Studios and Content Media House

Lunar Studios is Toronto’s Live + Digital Immersive Art Venue, carefully curated for the new economy. It’s the perfect space for intimate concerts, new media production, and events. It’s a stage for unsigned artists to perform, connect, grow, and promote their work using our professional footage and mentorship programs.