All HeARTwork merchandise proceeds support programming dedicated to the full and equal participation of diverse women across Corporate Canada.

We are building a solution that addresses business + policy from a heart-centered space.


 HeARTwork is a 3-year, national project designed to support the advancement and wellbeing of diverse women within the Canadian economy. The project will provide new data and research to gain a deeper understanding of the intersectional barriers impacting women’s participation in Corporate Canada, on an emotional, social, and economic level.

Year 1

Facilitating small deep listening sessions for intersectional women across Canada to share real stories and emotions about work
Collaborative research analysis of the emotional, social, and intersectional barriers preventing women from advancing in business

Year 2  

Bridging 10 Canadian Corporations with HeARTwork participants to co-create an economic framework that addresses these key issues

Publicly releasing the proposed framework + curating community events + activations to broaden the discussion

Year 3

Implementing the framework within 10 Canadian Corporate organizations
Collecting feedback + adapting framework for 
businesses nation-wide to implement tangible steps toward a more equitable Future of Work

Solutions to complex problems require a New Economy approach.

The objective of the HeARTwork program is to support the full and equal participation of diverse women within the Canadian economy. The program aims to provide new data and research to address and gain a deeper understanding of the emotional, social, and economic barriers to women’s economic participation due to COVID-19, which is preventing women from arriving in the C-Suite, maintaining employment, and advancing in leadership positions, especially those that identify as BIPOC. This program is hosted at the local, regional, and national levels with key partners from government, industry, and community.

“Some of our mental health challenges are because of the race we are in. We are fighting a different battle. If one person does something wrong, it affects the whole race. I wish that Corporate Leaders can acknowledge that the fight for equality is not even.”

Anonymous, Toronto

 I see how men are being celebrated when they’re at home looking after their children. But no one really thinks about those things on a daily basis for women . . . my ‘labour force story’ is extremely tied to that of my children and my husband. I refuse to let [my children] fall through the cracks.”

Anonymous, Halifax

"A lot of these policies are written by people with very different experiences and privilege. We need the seat at the table, we need the spot at the meeting."

Anonymous, Calgary

Where Policy & Social Change Become Art

At Conscious Economics, we take a New Economy approach to old traditions, in the spirit of inclusion and economic innovation.

We believe that music is a universal language that speaks to our hearts, rather than just our minds. That is why we have enlisted the support of our Artists in Residence to turn this ground breaking research into a song.

By using multiple mediums to share these important ideas, we engage a wider audience and invite new voices around the table.

Lunar Studios

Join our national HeARTwork: Advancing Women in Leadership program.

Canadian Corporations with a genuine interest in supporting & advancing diverse women within the labour force to lead.

 What this looks like: 

Step 1

Select 3-6 employees to participate in the program.


Step 2 

Review preliminary research results with your organization’s internal HeARTwork team.

Step 3

Encourage women employees to participate in the anonymous HeARTwork survey.

Step 4

Participate in a 1-day solutions-focused workshop to create 10 meaningful proposals that respond to key research findings.

Step 5

Help us support + amplify the program, receive public recognition for your participation.

Step 6

Trial at least 2 of 10 solutions within your organization.

 The 10 solutions will be featured in a white paper released publicly, outlining our methodology, key findings, + innovative solutions. Your organization will be recognized as a founding Corporate Champion of the program.