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The Global Institute for Conscious Economics is a platform that promotes the connection between consciousness (mindfulness) and better business outcomes.  Our forum is dedicated to inspiring a more mindful conversation about the future of work, the new economy, and the well-being of our labor force.Through our events, research, educational programs, and consulting services, we offer a modern perspective of the new economy promoting a model of people, planet, and profit working in harmony. Our philosophy is rooted in the interconnection of consciousness (mindfulness) and economic, environmental, and societal sustainability.




Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer



Rhiannon Rosalind, a serial entrepreneur, is the CEO and sole shareholder of The Economic Club of Canada. On her podium, the highest profile and most recognized in Canada, she has hosted some of the most relevant speakers of our time. The likes of Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and former President of France Francois Holland have all graced her stage. Rhiannon is the youngest women in Canadian history to be inducted into the Most Powerful Women in Business Hall of Fame. She is the founder of Lunar Club – a monthly gathering of eclectic women where she shakes things up by interviewing some of the most powerful women in Canada. She is a nationally recognized philanthropist - she is the founder and CEO of The Jr. Economic Club of Canada. As of 2019, 50,000 youth have participated in her programs. She is the co-founder and CEO of The Global Institute for Conscious Economics. 




Youth Education Program

A high energy experiential learning program that uses mindfulness and personal well-being tools to enhance financial health, economic awareness, and prepare young people for the future of work and the new economy. Each event draws over 500 young people together for a high impact learning experience. This event is run in partnership with The Jr. Economic Club of Canada. Students learn new skills through our research based modules that cover a wide range of exciting topics. Modules will be available digitally for students and educators.