The All New Mindfulness & Money Annual Membership Launches November 2023

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An integrative financial wellness program.

Healing Happens In Community

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Launching November 2023

No payment required. We'll only notify you with important information about the program.

Designed to transform your relationship with money through holistic education & mindfulness practice. 

Deepen Your Relationship To Healing

Delivered Monthly

Curated Digital Content

Thought-provoking themes that explore the impact of money in various aspects of our lives.


Personalized Digital Tools

Unique Mindfulness and Reflection Activities

Expand your mental and emotional toolkit for optimal financial wellness. 


Support & Accountability

Live Financial Coaching (Digital Sessions)

A safe space for the community to connect, learn, heal and transform.


The Annual Membership that is

designed to meet you where you're at.


Mindfulness and Money is here to help you transform your relationship with money and uplift your mind, body, and soul. Each month, members are introduced to new Mindfulness & Money themes, allowing them to explore their own relationship to money and develop personalized tools to achieve financial wellness.

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Financial Challenges Are A Shared Experience

The Mindfulness & Money Annual Membership Aims To

Build Financial Confidence Through Community.

 integrative digital learning program is informed by community experts and real, lived experiences. Anchored in financial therapy, Mindfulness & Money is designed and delivered to optimize engagement and invite everyone to join the conversation.

Participants will gain a unique set of tools to empower them in the New Economy and Future of Work.

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