S3.E4 | New Economy leadership: Navigating art, technology, and human consciousness with Byron Wong

Season #3

It's no surprise that social media and new technologies have drastically impacted our individual and collective consciousness. Candidly speaking, we've become dopamine junkies, constantly craving stimulation. As a result, we're losing our capacity to delay gratification, to problem solve, to sit with our discomfort, and to simply be bored. The affects that over-stimulation have on our mental health are varied and undeniable. Boredom breeds creativity. Discomfort brings us closer to our authentic Self. Problem solving sparks innovation. Creating space to just BE can dramatically change how we show up in our personal and professional lives. When we talk about the New Economy, we're talking about a new foundation for business; one that is creative, conscious, and truly healthy. In this episode, we're joined by our dear friend, creative mastermind, and New Economy leader, Byron Wong, navigating all things art, technology, and human consciousness.



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