S3.E6 | The Trauma of Money with Chantel Chapman

Season #3

Why do we avoid our finances? Why do I overspend? Why am I unable to save? Why am I undercharging? At Conscious Economics, we are not traditional in our approach to money: we know that there's more to finance than understanding it's technicality. We need to go deeper, which is why we approach financial literacy from a trauma-informed lens. In this episode, we've called in our friend Chantel Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder of Trauma of Money. We talk financial avoidance, scarcity, and self-worth, digging far below the surface to uncover our subconscious patterning and how to break the cycle. Money can't buy happiness, but understanding our relationship to money can absolutely help.

*TW: While our intention is to expand our consciousness, these conversations aren't always comfortable. Please prepare for sensitive subject matter, particularly related to systemic oppression, racism, and/or abuse. Discretion is recommended: we honour your unique journey + encourage you to take pause when needed. 



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