S3. E7 | The music behind the movement: Turning pain into progress with social change musician, MILCK

Season #3

Am I serving the Machine or is the Machine serving me? The art of reimagining how we can heal our systems and how we can heal our deepest Self, comes from music. As we navigate our personal and collective traumas, music becomes a vehicle for our deepest pains, and in turn, our greatest growth and expansion. This is how we move the dial. In this cathartic episode, host Rhiannon Rosalind sits with prolific social change musician, Connie Lim, who creates music under the monicker MILCK, to examine how we value ourselves, our systems, and the art that can change it all.



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Special Guest Speaker: Connie Lim (MILCK) // Learn more: // IG: @milckmusic

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