S4.E1 Mindfulness & Money: Exploring New Economy Tools with Award-winning Financial Therapist Aseel El Baba

Season #4

In this episode, host Rhiannon Rosalind is joined by her co-founder of Mindfulness & Money, award-winning Financial Planner and the first Financial Therapist in Toronto, Aseel El-Baba. Rhiannon and Aseel discuss the benefits of their latest creation and why financial therapy is a necessary tool to help combat a sick economy.

Money trauma is highly correlated to the global atrocities we are constantly experiencing as a humanity. Our individual and collective traumas around money cannot be ignored. Whether our trauma is anchored in debt, chronic financial insecurity, familial or life events, collective trauma or generational trauma, our behaviour is deeply informed by our relationship to this money wound.

Healing financial trauma is fundamental to achieving true wellness, for our people, our planet, and our system.

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Special Guest: Aseel El-Baba, Founder and CEO, Holistic Optimal Wealth and co-founder, Mindfulness & Money

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