S4.E4 Why we need to think differently about money: Live Economic Healing Session with Rhiannon Rosalind and Aseel El-Baba

Season #4

Money, sex, financial wellness, the changing global economy...these topics are more intertwined than you may think. We cover it all in this exclusive chat recorded live from our Economic Healing community gathering in Toronto, where Rhiannon and Aseel El-Baba lead a powerful session of economic healing and community space-holding while doing what they do best: sharing vulnerably, unapologetically, and always off the cuff.

Leaving the conversation topics up to chance (literally, picked out of a jar) Rhiannon and Aseel explore new, radical, and sometimes taboo topics that invite us to think differently about money, the economy, and our place within it.

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Special Guest: Aseel El-Baba, Financial Therapist at Conscious Economics and Mindfulness & Money Co-Founder // Instagram: @aseelbaba

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