S4.E6 Exploring the intersection of astrology, economics, and personal growth with Shamanic Astrologer, Lee Khar Wei

Season #4

What can Shamanic Astrology unveil about our economic future? How can we leverage cosmic knowledge to our advantage? Host Rhiannon Rosalind is joined by Shamanic Astrologer and holistic health coach, Lee Khar Wei, who identifies patterns and energies that influence our financial landscape, offering practical insights and strategies to thrive in times of economic uncertainty. 

By understanding the cosmic forces at play, we can make informed decisions, anticipate economic trends, and adapt ourselves accordingly. Though unconventional to some, the natural rhythms of the universe offer a profound and holistic perspective on economic cycles. We invite you to tune in for this grounded exploration into the intersection of astrology, economics, and personal growth.

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Special Guest: Lee Khar Wei, Shamanic Astrologer //

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