S4.E7 Real Talk on Wellness: How Wo-manager Sandy Pandya Champions Artists across the Music Industry

Season #4

In this episode, host Rhiannon Rosalind is joined by the fabulous, ingenious, passionate, most heart-centered tell-it-like-it-is music industry leader, our dear friend, Sandy Pandya.

With over 20 years of industry experience and insights into artist management, music labels, wellness on the road, and everything in between, Sandy's wealth of knowledge cuts through the noise. Not only a seasoned professional in the industry, Sandy is also the co-founder of ArtHaus Community, a space dedicated to artist collaboration, mental wellness initiatives, mentorship, and more.

A self-proclaimed wo-manager, Sandy champions artists in a way that far exceeds the norm, setting new standards for the industry at large. We invite you to listen in on some real talk with Sandy Pandya, where authenticity meets expertise, offering a unique glimpse behind the not-always-glamorous curtain.

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Special Guest: Sandy Pandya, Co-Founder, ArtHaus and artist manager

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