S4.E9 This profound modality can heal your Self and your business: Navigating Family Constellations with Marine Sélénée

Season #4

What if you had all the answers and could unlock your true potential? In this episode, we explore the transformative practice of Family Constellations, a powerful tool that allows you to rewrite your life story and break free from the invisible chains of family patterns.

Rhiannon is joined by Marine Sélénée, Family Constellations Therapist and author, to discuss the impact of generational traumas and identify individual blocks rooted in the family system. Marine and Rhiannon explore how our inner traumas can ripple through every aspect of our lives, from personal relationships to professional endeavors, and how these unconscious influences shape our businesses, our economy, and everything in between.

Entrepreneurs and business owners, take note: This profound modality can offer a deep dive into understanding your SELF beyond the lens of familial expectations, paving the way for authentic self-discovery. There is power in the symbiotic relationship between personal well-being and the success of your business - we believe that nurturing the self can ultimately leading to collective healing.

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Special Guest: Marine Sélénée 

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