S4.E10 Beyond the bottom line: How popular financial trends affect our behaviour

Season #4

When Rhiannon Rosalind and Aseel El-Baba come together, we know we're in for some tea. In this episode, Rhiannon and Aseel (financial therapist and mental health expert) dive headfirst into some of the most current and popular trends in money behaviour and finance, from 'Loud Budgeting' to the nuances of the Introvert Economy and everything in between. Together they unpack the complexities of financial enabling, the enduring trend of parents financially supporting adult children, and the often-overlooked issue of financial dysmorphia. As usual, we're not just here to talk numbers: we're here to normalize the conversation around money, from the highs to the lows, because our financial journeys are deeply relatable. Join us as we break down outdated barriers and get real about money together, because believe it or not, your deepest financial secrets and fears are more common than you think...

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Special Guest: Aseel El-Baba, Financial Therapist and Mental Health Expert


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